Department of Women’s Studies
Available Classes

WS 102 Introduction to Women’s Studies

WS 103 Introduction to Gender Studies

WS 105 Her-Story

WS 106 Women and Culture

WS 110 Women and Health

WS 200 Women and the Female Body

WS 204 Women in Politics

WS 210 Domestic Violence, Sexism and Women

WS 221 A Study of Feminism, Then and Now

WS 231 Famous Women in History

WS 250 Feminine Cosmology

WS 300 Women and Religion

WS 305 The Great Cosmic Mother

WS 307 Moon Time and The Lunar Calendar

WS 311 Modern Woman

WS 330

WS 400

WS 411

WS 425

WS 460

WS 480

WS 500

WS 511 An In Depth Study of Woman’s Mysteries

WS 570 Independent Study
The student is expected to pick a topic of interest to explore in detail.
Prerequisite: Approval by the Department.

WS580 Research and Publication
Required of all Doctoral Candidates prior to selecting a topic and writing their dissertation.

WS590 Dissertation
An original publication done under the supervision of the faculty.

A full description of all classes will be forthcoming. This program is still a work in progress.