The Varieties of Religious Experience
by William James

"THE VARIETIES OF RELIGIOUS EXPERIENCE" by William James is one of the classics recommended for preparatory study. Dr. Starrus considered it indispensable in the education of a minister for any religion. It's considered a spiritual book irrespective of religion.  We recommend it to all aspiring ministers of any religion or denomination. You may read this book at any time and submit an acceptable paper discussing any portion of the book for a one-time credit of up to 6 Semester Hours for a course of the same title.

Table of Contents

Preface - Preface
Lecture I - Religion and Neurology
Lecture II -
Circumscription of the Topic
Lecture III -
The Reality of the Unseen
Lecture IV -
Lecture V -
Healthy-Mindedness - Second Lecture
Lecture VI -
The Sick Soul
Lecture VII -
The Sick Soul - Second Lecture
Lecture VIII -
The Divided Self, and the Process of its Unification
Lecture IX -
Lecture X -
Conversion - Second Lecture
Lecture XI -
Lecture XII -
Saintliness - Second Lecture
Lecture XIII -
Saintliness - Third Lecture
Lecture XIV -
The Value of Saintliness
Lecture XV -
The Value of Saintliness - Second Lecture
Lecture XVI -
Lecture XVII -
Mysticism - Second Lecture
Lecture XVIII -
Lecture XIX -
Other Characteristics
Lecture XX -
Postscript -

Download the entire book here. (121.4MB)