Courses, workshops and seminars from any of the following organizations are accepted for credit by Universal Seminary without additional fees or transfer costs. Attunements and certificates of completion will be awarded credit without additional fees or costs upon receipt of proper documentation.

Octagon Society: If you have any doubts about becoming a member, or if you'd like to see what the Society has to offer before becoming a member, please read Spiritual Alchemy 101 and take the free lessons we offer on this website. Try the lessons and then make your decision.

Temple of Solomon: The Temple of Solomon is an initiatic order for spiritual seekers who have attained the rank of 8/8 in the Octagon Society. The Temple confers three ranks in recognition of advancement based on long-established principles of ethical behavior and morality. Different skills for converting lead into gold are revealed to the members each rank.

Order of Mary: The home of our modern, quasi-contemplative order dedicated to helping people of all faiths establish closer communion with the Divine.  Quasi-contemplative means we communicate with the Divine throughout our day in a quiet, peaceful and relaxed attitude.

Gnostic Lessons: offered by the Universal Gnostic Church are an excellent introduction to Gnosticism, mysticism, esoteric spirituality, metaphysical religions and to helping you find and follow your own spiritual path.

Spiritual Alchemy: Transforms you into the person you want to become by helping you overcome past trauma and injury, change the false beliefs you have about yourself, improve your attitude toward spirituality and abundance, and reprogram you for success.

Ancient & Accepted Order of Esoteric Freemasonry: Open to men and women of all ethnic origins, religious affiliations and occupations. It teaches a system of morality and esoteric spirituality designed to help members improve themselves in all aspects of their lives.

Order of Modern Essenes: A teaching and healing order of men and women dedicated to helping other people heal themselves. The order teaches several Reiki traditions as well as the ancient Essene healing techniques.

Magical Order of the Golden Dawn: Allows members to use their own spiritual pantheon, guardian angel and spirit guides to learn the esoteric arts and sciences and to open communications with the Divine realms according to the teachings of the Qabalah.

Tarot Institute: Teaches several different spiritual approaches to using Tarot to help yourself or others. The Tarot Institute publishes the highly acclaimed “Tarot News” newsletter on Yahoo groups.

Spiritual Health Coach: Licenses are available to healers, nutritionists and other practitioners in the alternative health field. The Spiritual Health Coach License Board is under the jurisdiction of the Universal Gnostic Church as one of the five largest recognized spiritual healer licensing boards in the world.